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Using the ferment mash from our hot sauce, we have created the perfect oil for ramen, dumplings, salads, stir fries, rice, and definitely your morning eggs! With a subtle yet complex flavour profile, and a gentle building and lingering heat, it will quickly become a staple condiment in your pantry.


Limited jars in a hotter variety, featuring fermented habanero powder, now available.



Australian Canola Oil, Japanese Miso Chilli Mash, White Sesame, Shallot, Szechuan Pepper, Star Anise


Allergen Warning - Contains Sesame


Complement your purchase of the oil with our Shichi-Mi Togarashi for a truly epic experience for only $7.00.

Fermented Japanese Miso Crispy Chilli Oil 250gm

SKU: 759740779072
100 Γραμμάρια
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